Everyday impressions

DK: I dag har jeg været forbi Roskilde universitet (RUC) for at snakke med min speciale vejleder. Det virker endelig som om at tingene begynder at give mening. Om aftenen begyndte jeg at kigge nærmere på design af min nye tatovering. Hvis du skulle få lavet en tatovering hvad skulle det så forestille?

ENG: I went to Roskilde university at the southern part of the island where I live for some thesis counselling. It finally seems as though it all is coming together. In the evening I started looking into the design of me next tattoo. The last image is an inspiration for this. If you should get a tattoo what should it be and where would you place it?





3 thoughts on “Everyday impressions

    • Exactly. I am writing my thesis on work integration of the socially excluded citizens of society in Barcelona. So I needed some advice on the methodology part of the project, which is not my force. Thanks for the nomination; that is very kind of you.

      • Can you say who the excluded are in Barcelona – and which discipline it is that you are doing (sociology?)…

        good luck anyway!

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