DK: Disse er nogle af de mønstre på nogle af mine nyeste køb. Hvad er dit favorit mønster?

ENG: These are some of the patterns on my recently purchased items. More to follow. What is your favourite pattern?




5 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. O Rockaulla you are from Denmark! I just read your backposts. Anyway, I was there many years ago, and stayed there a while as well (a few months). Well, here are some answers to all those tireless questions of yours – favourite place to walk – in the wild bush near where I live (in Australia); favourite car – I really don’t care about cars; favourite market – I like a lot of them in different ways, not just here in Australia, I write and teach others to write, Friday, I drink (I drink too much, I am starting to think, and it is nice to be able to say this), I do not wear Christmas outfits, I love to find old things, like old laneways or buildings – or places where I can be alone, street art varies – sometimes good, but often just tags and junk; today, I must admit I got drunk again, what inspires me? When others show hope despite it being almost hopeless. What do I like? Your blog, Rockaula – I wish more people would answer your questions…

    • Hello there. Yes I am a Dane in deed. How come you stayed here for that long? Cool! Uhhh I bet there is some great nature around in Australia for walks right? – How come markets is not your thing in aussie land in particular? – Haha yes the weekends are a dangerous thing for the health heheh – I can relate to your liking of finding old abandoned buildings cause it creates a really nice vibe and a great chance for taking some great picture with a special feel to it:) And I like when people answer my questions, however, you are right not too many have done so.

  2. Hi Rockaulla – Yes, we have lots of really wild nature in Australia – and I do love the ancient mountains and bush here. As to Denmark and why I stayed, well years ago, I came there because of some friends who lived there then, and I met a girl and stayed a while – it did not work out, but it was one of the best times of my life…it was in Copenhagen, a city I liked a lot as well.

    • Hi there – Australia is definitely on my to do list before i die. but then like for a 1-3 months or something like that. I truly prefer to stay in a country for a longer time period to get to know the place and the people that enjoy it daily.
      Sorry it didn’t work out with the girl back then but happy that you got to experience Copenhagen and Denmark:)

  3. Yes it was great, and she was too, really. And you are right to take your time – a couple of months definitely. The main reason you need time here in Australia is it is so big. And you seem to love nature, so there is a lot for you to see.

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