New tattoo

DK: Jeg bestemt mig for at få en ny tatovering af et kvinde skelet for at minde mig om mine gymnasie dage i Mexico. Har du nogle tatoveringer?

ENG: I decided to get a new tattoo of a female dead as a memory of my high school days in Mexico. Do you have any tattoos?



One thought on “New tattoo

  1. Reblogged this on writingthebody and commented:
    I love this casual photo – how to photograph something that reveals itself only indirectly – the answer is to raise the underside of the arm up next to your head. But then our gaze is arrested by the direct gaze of the subject back at us. A double image challenges us. In this day of the phone of course, this could even have a third layer, the strange category of the selfie. Maybe. I don’t think so, for some reason. There is grit here. And a challenge.

    The caption to the photo tells us that the tatt itself is a reminder of days gone by. Like all images held constant, it is what we call a memento mori. But that is a Latin expression, and it actually means, bizarrely, remember to die! As if we could forget….

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